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In the very beginning, design-people focused on great design. But our sense of what matters to people – and your business – has changed. Great design is still important, but now it’s the culmination of a longer process.


Today, our starting point with most clients is a question: How can we connect the potential of your offerings to the needs and desires of your existing users – and the users you would like to have?


Years of research into female user preferences has made it clear to us that the key to business success is connecting to people’s values and creating everyday benefits. Male and female preferences are often fundamentally different – and the emerging buying power of women makes it essential to address women as customers and users.


As user-experience experts, we can help you to strengthen your bottom line, based on deep user understanding, innovation and design. Our services address your corporate user-experience strategy, the innovation of your offerings, and the design and communication of the products and services you bring to market.


The payoff for our clients is considerable. Better user experiences. More meaningful customer relationships. And stronger sales.





Creating business with people-driven innovation – inspired by women

Inspired by women

Our Female Interaction® strategy

Womenomics – the emerging buying power of female consumers – is an increasingly strong driver of global business.


Based on a recent survey of more than 12,000 women in 22 countries, Boston Consulting Group predicts that by 2028, women will control 72 percent of consumer spending worldwide. In professional life, female influence and decision-making power is similarly on the rise.


If you would like to align your company with these trends, our Female Interaction strategy and services have been expressly developed to help you. And not just by marketing or redesigning your existing products for women, but by innovating the actual user experience you offer to your customers.


The vast majority of products today have been developed by male engineers. While they include many fine products, international surveys show that they often do not appeal to women.


What women want

To address women’s wishes and desires, it’s crucial to to really understand gender and female values, preferences and everyday needs. And to make sure your offerings reflect them.


That’s where Female Interaction comes in – design-people’s research-based, female-driven innovation strategy. It is based on two key facts: 


Women are demanding consumers who want products that provide social benefits, are quick and intuitive to use – and make the user look and feel right.


By making the experience of women a benchmark for your user experience, you will also make your offerings more attractive to men.


We can help you to take advantage of womenomics trends and increase your share of the female market. We have done it for Danfoss, B&O and many other companies, exploring female motivations and utilizing them to develop user-experience innovations that create new business.

Scandinavian international design

Why use an Aarhus based design team for design assignments with an international perspective?

Scandinavia has a strong tradition of refined craftsmanship, innovative architecture and design. The pleasure of surrounding one-self with aesthetic and well crafted designs is not an exclusive phenomenon. You will find that pleasure expressed in people’s homes as well as public spaces and company facilities. A low social hierarchy and a tradition of social engagement and co-operation have fostered a user-driven design approach even before that became a master trend. Being small countries in a large world, Scandinavian societies have a long tradition of international outlook, trade and cooperation.

This cocktail of passion for good design, a user-driven design approach and an international way of thinking   also qualifies design-people to be your partner for design assignments with global perspective.
Our design team brings together people with different national backgrounds, we cooperate with international clients and business partners on a daily basis, and we conduct user research in many different countries.
The international design awards many of our clients have received underline that our design solutions are competitive in an international scale.

Design awards

Some of the awards we’ve received over the years

design-people’s clients have received a number of international design awards for innovative design solutions that stand out from the crowd. The awards underline that we create design innovation for our clients that is competitive in an international scale.


Red dot product design award 2015
IF product design award 2015 

Red dot product design award 2014
Red dot product design award 2014

IF product design award 2012
IF product design award 2012 


Red dot product design award 2010 


IF product design award 2009
IF product design award 2009

Red dot product design award 2008


IF product design award 2006
Innovation award 2006