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Our people-driven services

Creating business with people-driven innovation – inspired by women


Design-people services share one goal: to help your company provide people with a seamless, branded user experience. Which means that throughout their customer journey, there will be benefits to motivate them and an appealing, unique look and feel.


Since male and female values and preferences vary in crucial ways, we apply a gender lens to all three service clusters: strategy, innovation and design.



Our strategy team will help align your organization around user experience, rather than mere products. The tools we have developed frame user profiles, prioritize offerings according to users’ everyday needs and establish corporate DNA – thereby laying the foundation for attractive user experiences and products that will sell.


User-experience innovation

Our user-insight services will give you a profound understanding of people’s motivation and barriers in relation to your offerings. As a result, you will be better understand the concerns of not only the customers you have, but also the ones you wish to acquire. We’ll then work with you to transform these insights into innovative product and service concepts, which we can subsequently test and optimize with potential users.



Hitting a sweet spot in the market with a new product or service depends a great deal on how the design is executed. We have three design teams, each with its specialists and strong design sensibilities, to help you to bring new solutions from concept to market:


The product design team focuses on physical user interaction and product design.


The digital design team creates strong software- and screen-based user experiences.


The communication and service team frames benefit stories and makes sure that packaging, communication, point-of-sale     materials and services all support the experience brief.


For each client, design-people creates a dedicated team that integrates the relevant elements of these services efficiently. 

This approach will give your firm a competitive advantage grounded in user understanding, forward thinking and inspired design. 


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